What’s in a name?

newbizcards Next week, it will be nine years since I was sitting in our little garage apartment in Houston’s Heights trying to figure out what the hell I should be doing with the rest of my life. I had just lost my newspaper editing job, and aside from a few freelance writing gigs, things were looking bleak. I had been a journalist for more than a decade. But I had a feeling I should be doing something else. Something different. A new adventure.

Rebecca looked at the volumes of business and entrepreneurship books that were lining our little home’s shelves and told me the answer seemed pretty obvious. For years I had dreamt of starting my own business but I always made excuses why I couldn’t do it. But whether out of necessity so we’d have food to eat or if I was just crazy, I took the leap. I decided to start a business offering writing services to small businesses and corporations. And I called it Inkspot Creative. Not sure why that name resonated with me at the time. Probably thought it harkened to my days of ink slinging at newspapers and my creative aspirations. At any rate, Inkspot Creative was born, and that’s the name we’ve used for our little boutique marketing communications agency ever since. That is, until now.

Late last year, we moved to Galveston and started working with businesses on the island. Since I was originally from Galveston County and worked at The Galveston County Daily News – and before that the Texas City Sun – I never really stopped working with folks from the area. But one constant in all of these business relationships was that I knew each of my clients really well. And to a person, they all said they wanted to work with me because of the relationship we had developed through the years, not because of the name of my business or even my background.

As is usually the case with me, I tried to discern some meaning in these conversations. And what I discovered was that the old maxim about people wanting to work with people they know, like and trust is true. In fact, it kinda became a no-brainer for Rebecca and I to change the name of our company since most people who have worked with us for any length of time kept calling us The Hadleys anyhow.

So, as of today, Inkspot Creative is now Hadley Communications & Design. We essentially do the same things we did as Inkspot – mainly marketing communications such as writing, editing and design of business collateral materials (brochures, magazines, newsletters, annual reports, press releases) and website design and development, mostly in the WordPress platform. Thanks to Rebecca’s expertise, we’re also developing and managing online marketing campaigns in social media, something that is quickly becoming essential for business success these days. I’m looking forward to spending more time writing on this blog, sharing our ideas and inspiration in the professional and personal realms as we get to know each of you a bit better.

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