Web Development Process

Getting to your company’s core
Every journey begins with a single step, and that old adage is as applicable to web design as it is to any other pursuit. To create a website that speaks to your audience and promotes your company’s objectives, it needs to be clear what you need your site to accomplish. To that end, the first stage of web design is asking questions. Questions about your customers, your products and services, your team, your mission, your long-term goals. Lots and lots of questions.

Identify the purpose
This goes back to figuring out the result you want from each page that is nestled within your website. Determining the purpose of your entire website is critical to making sure you’re getting the results you want. Are you concerned about conversion on each page? What is the impression you want each visitor to have when they visit your site? What is the overarching objective that will guide the development process from the very start?

Figuring the fundamentals
Have you ever just loved the look and feel of a website but couldn’t figure out why? That intuition was rooted in a designer’s original idea when the site was first being conceived. And it all goes back to fundamentals. From the selection of the typeface that’s being used to the color palette that determines the background and the hues throughout, focusing on fundamentals of design are a critical step. And coming up with the right design has everything to do with conveying the right tone for the type business you operate.

Design it already
We’ve asked you questions, we’ve figured out the website’s purpose and we know what you like from a design perspective. Now it’s time to start pushing pixels. Our teams generally design three initial concepts in Adobe Photoshop that we present to your team. These concepts give you the chance to see your site layout, visualize the differentiation in fonts and colors and get an overall impression of how the site will look when a visitor first visits you in cyberspace.

Now, the heavy lifting
Yep, coding your site into the gem it will become is where the rubber meets the road. Now it’s our turn to take your ideas and bring them to life on the computer screen. Whether you need a fully featured content management system like a WordPress site or you are sticking to the simplicity of HTML, the code we write is focused on making it easy for visitors to find your site and stay there once they arrive.

Make it live
Once you’re happy with the demo site we’ve developed, it’s time to bring your creation to life. After ensuring all your code is compliant through a litany of cross browser testing and graphic optimization, we make all of the pieces come together by publishing your site to your server or to ours.

Always making it better
Going live isn’t the end of your website’s transformation. In fact, it’s usually just the beginning. By consistently adding new content, employing search engine optimization (SEO) and paying attention to which pages are getting the most traffic through Google Analytics, we can help you continually refine your site to make it all that it can be.

If our approach sounds like one that would work well with your business and your team, you can get started with us today by completing a short questionnaire. (We promise it will only take a few minutes).