Our Process

We’re more than projects. Hadley is your partner.

More than who we are and what we can create, Hadley Communications & Design is focused on building relationships and fostering positive experiences for visitors to your website or anyone viewing your branded collateral. It’s our process that ensures your success. Here’s a closer look at how we approach each partnership with you:

Step 1


  • Information gathering: client survey, initial consultation by phone or in person
  • Expectations, what does success look like
  • Technology discussion
  • Feasibility review
  • Schedule and timeline
  • Budget and terms
  • Client Survey

Step 2


  • Business requirements, objectives review
  • Audience review
  • Set milestones
  • Review competitors
  • Create features list

Step 3

Content Creation

  • Content audit
  • Content analysis: branding, voice, SEO, persuasive content, aligning with goals
  • Recommendations for content changes, deletions, moves, additions
  • Editorial styleguide, editorial calendar
  • Writing and editing
  • Flowing in content to CMS

Step 4


  • Explore other brands’ sites for inspiration and critique
  • Establish features and functionality
  • Create wireframes and black and white prototypes
  • Explore color palettes
  • Design mockups
  • Narrow options and fine-tune a single design for templates
  • Finalize design templates

Step 5


  • Site outline and sitemap
  • Site diagram or user path
  • Bug/QA list established
  • Front end development, templates and light dynamic experiences
  • Backend development, databases and deep dynamic experiences
  • Integrating front and backend

Step 6

Testing and Launch

  • Test development site on browsers, platforms, and operating systems
  • Check functionality for mobile responsiveness
  • Review connection speeds, load times
  • Check bugs and fixes
  • Review any known risks and establish plans

Step 7

Maintenance and Ongoing Support

  • Client-directed updates
  • Hadley Communications directed guidance and updates
  • Ongoing bug list fixes